Award-Winning Firming Eye Cream



We’re excited to share the news that our Firming Eye Cream has recently secured a prestigious 3rd place in the Vegan Eye Cream category at the Green Global Awards, a globally renowned competition celebrating excellence in clean, vegan, and natural cosmetics. In this blog, we’ll delve into what sets our Firming Eye Cream apart and why it has garnered such recognition.

What Makes Our Firming Eye Cream Special:
Our Firming Eye Cream is more than just another beauty product; it’s a testament to our dedication to creating skincare that is not only effective but also environmentally conscious. Here’s what makes it so extraordinary:

  1. Innovative Formula: At the heart of our eye cream is an innovative formula that combines natural ingredients to create a powerful skincare solution. This cream is specially designed for the sensitive area around the eyes, targeting common concerns such as dark circles, puffiness, and fine lines.
  2. Key Ingredients:
  • Hyaluronic Acid: Known for its hydrating properties, hyaluronic acid helps the skin retain moisture, leaving your eye area plump and youthful.
  • Caffeine: Caffeine has the ability to reduce puffiness and awaken tired eyes, making it a crucial component in our formula.
  • Jambú Extract: Highly concentrated in spilanthol, this extract inhibits muscle contractions, significantly reducing expression lines and wrinkles after application..
  • Pracaxi Oil: It increases the production of hyaluronic acid and collagen in the skin. The oil helps fight the signs of ageing and keeps the skin nourished and moisturized.
  1. Creamy, Fast-Absorbing Texture: Our Firming Eye Cream boasts a creamy texture that is not only luxurious but also fast-absorbing. This ensures that the product is easy to apply and won’t leave any greasy residue.
  2. Vegan and 100% Natural: Our commitment to green beauty is reflected in the fact that our Firming Eye Cream is 100% vegan and free from any ingredients of synthetic origin. We believe in creating products that align with a cruelty-free and sustainable lifestyle.
  3. Fragrance-Free and Non-Toxic: We understand the importance of skincare that is both safe and gentle. Our eye cream is fragrance-free and free from toxic ingredients, making it suitable for even the most sensitive skin.

About The Green Global Awards: The Green Global Awards are an international competition that acknowledges products with clean, non-toxic, and natural ingredients. In the Vegan Eye Cream category, products must be 100% vegan, meaning they contain no ingredients of animal origin. The jury evaluated products based on their ingredients, formula, and overall effectiveness. Months of testing went into selecting the best products, and Bacana Skincare’s Firming Eye Cream emerged as a winner.

We’re thrilled to be recognized as a brand that is continually setting new standards for product quality and environmental responsibility. Our journey towards sustainable beauty is a never-ending one, and we’re proud to have you with us on this remarkable path.

Conclusion: At Bacana Skincare, we believe in a future where beauty and environmental responsibility go hand in hand. Our award-winning Firming Eye Cream is a testament to that vision. We hope you’ll join us in celebrating this achievement and consider making our vegan, natural, and non-toxic eye cream a part of your daily skincare routine. After all, true beauty begins with a conscience.

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  1. Anne-Sophie

    This cream is amazing! It is super soft, smells good and leaves me with a great feeling of moisturised and also cleaner skin. Knowing that there are only natural ingredients in it makes it even greater. Already way too much chemicals in our daily life… I love it! (Also, the packaging is beautiful! You feel all the thoughts and love that went into this product)

  2. Cecilia Araujo

    I have been using this cream every day and I love it!!! It is a super smooth and wonderful texture. Easy to apply on your face and leaves your skin with a nice feeling! The smell is fresh and really good. For sure I will keep on using it every morning and night! I can already feel that my skin is well protected for the winter. The packaging is super cool and also very practical for when I travel to carry it with me. You can really feel you are in Brazil and the Amazon ingredients make it even more special. I love it and totally recommend!

  3. David

    Nie wieder ohne ! Auch als Mann sollte man auf seine Haut achten und diese Creme ist genau das was ich schon lange gesucht habe! Allein schon die Konsistenz gibt einem das Gefühl das man(n) sich etwas Gutes tut und die Haut fühlt sich danach einfach wunderbar an! Keine unnötigen Füll- oder Duftstoffe (dabei riecht die Creme einfach fantastisch!) – einfach nur das beste aus der Natur!

  4. Sabine

    Die Creme ist großartig! Ich freue mich schon jeden Morgen darauf, mein Gesicht damit einzucremen. Sie lässt sich sehr gut verteilen und zieht sehr schnell ein und die Haut fühlt sich ganz seidenweich an. Ich hatte schon ganz lange nach einer guten Creme gesucht und bin überglücklich, dass ich sie endlich gefunden habe. Und ich liebe den Geruch:)

  5. Ana D.

    I used this mask for the first time last week and it was so fun to put on! My skin felt so smooth and hydrated afterwards and didn’t break out at all which my skin tends to do with most products. I can recommend this from the bottom of my heart!

  6. Ana D.

    I’m absolutely in love with this oil serum! I bought it together with the red clay mask and used it for the first time last week, it’s so easy to put on. My skin tends to be very sensitive towards most products and breaks out easily, but not with the oil serum which makes me incredibly happy! I’ve been using it every day since last week and my skin feels so hydrated and nourished and smooth – no breakout! I can genuinely recommend it, it’s such a natural part of my self care routine now!

  7. Cecilia Leitao

    Best facial mask I have used in a while! It has the perfect combination of an exfoliating effect and smooth feeling afterwards.
    Not to mention the great texture and fresh smell!
    Your skin will be hydrated and smooth right after you apply it! Really loved it and would recommend!

  8. Bérengère

    This facial mask is amazing. I love the smell and my skin felt so smooth and hydrated after using it. I completely recommend it and I am definitely looking forward to using the other products.

  9. Lua M.

    I am completely in love. The serum left my skin so soft and the fast absorption leaves a beautiful glow.

  10. Joséphina ROBERT

    J’aime beaucoup marcher et randonner., mais j’ai un gros problème d’ampoules. Après avoir essayé plusieurs produits et chaussettes recommandés par des sites de randonnées, j’avais toujours le même problème. Récemment, j’ai appliqué “lip balm” sur les parties sensibles avec un très bon résultat: plusieurs randonnées de 6 heures en montagne et pas de problème. Merci Bacana.

    I really enjoy walking and hiking, but I have a big problem with blisters. After trying several products and socks recommended by hiking sites, I still had the same problem. Recently, I applied “lip balm” to the sensitive parts with a very good result: several 6 hour hikes in the mountains and no problem. Thanks Bacana.

  11. Camille

    This cream is everything I have been looking for. It has natural products, moisturizes and is also conceived for sensitive skin. You can feel your skin hydrated for hours, the smell is addictive.
    I totally recommend this cream!

  12. Camille

    I love this serum. It doesn’t feel too oily, really hydrates your skin and has a very nice smell. I use it everyday now with the moisturizer – perfect combination!

  13. Fernanda

    Fruits are the best for a healthy skin 🙂

  14. Camille

    This green mask has a smooth texture and leaves the skin hydrated and cleansed. You can feel freshness thanks to the minty touch. Another great product from Bacana!

  15. Kelly Alves

    This mask is really amazing!
    It removed the oil from my skin, and at the same time left it soft and hydrated.
    After a month wearing the mask my skin looked much healthier.
    I’d like to wear it every day!!!

  16. Camila Cavalcante

    It’s a very worth product, it helps to control the skin oiliness and also kind of detox your skin, the feeling after using the mask is a softer, smoother and fresher skin. I believe that much is due to the exfoliating texture and I would recommend it for more sensitive skins to use once a week until your skin gets used to it. The fragrance is very nice, like menthol. I would highly recommend this face mask.

  17. Sylwia

    The green clay mask is the best one I have ever tried in my life! After using it my skin is clean, fresh and looks super healthy ! If you have problematic skin (for example pickles etc.) this mask will help you.
    The condition of my skin visibly improved after the very first use.
    Its fragrance makes you feel like in Spa.

  18. Camille B

    This oil serum is to recommand! I wsas worried it will be oily… not at all! It is perfect for hydrating. I use it every morning and every night. One more thing : it does not smell perfume, you can then combine it with any other skincare.
    I have also tested it on my hair… perfect, not oily!
    I am completely satisfied.

  19. Bérengère O

    I really love this serum! I use it now both for my hair and my skin. It is not too oily so I completely recommend it!

  20. Bérengère

    This cream is the perfect combination: natural, moisturising and it does smell fresh and good! I completely adopt it for my everyday routine. You should definitely try it!

  21. Bérengère

    I always have dry sensitive skin during the cold season and I now apply this balm on every dry part of my body. It has become softer and softer. The bonus point is the addictive scent of it! I completely recommend it!

  22. Florence D.

    Great product. The skin feels super clean, my pore are reduced and the mask didn’t leave any irritated spots like it happens with many masks. Addition plus: very easy to remove. No need to scratch it away. I recommend!

  23. Florence D.

    Great nourishing, yet light cream. I love the fresh smell. It absorbs super easily and my skin feels pumped!

  24. Olivier

    I use this lip balm to maintain my tattoo upon advice and the fact that the ingredients are “tattoo friendly”.
    Although it is not its primary use, I find this lip balm very easy to apply on the tattooed skin. You only need a little quantity and it is spreading well with the finger.
    The tattoo remains protected and its color is well preserved so far.
    I look forward to a product specifically designed for tattoos 🙂

  25. Cécilia DK

    Bacana est devenue l’incontournable de ma salle de bain depuis plus d’un an, c’est simple je n’utilise plus que ces produits au quotidien. Des compo clean, faites à la main et respectueuses des animaux, cette marque coche toutes les cases! Et clairement parmi tous ses produits mon chouchou est le Red Clay face mask, qui donne un vrai coup de boost à ma peau. Une peau toute douce, repulpée, un teint frais (qui arrive même à masquer le manque de sommeil!) et un parfum frais très agréable. Je l’adore!!

  26. Amanda

    The Blooming Nature Cream is light, not oily, and does not obstruct the pores.
    I have been using it every day and my skin has improved 100%. No more dry winter skin here!
    Totally approved!!

  27. Amanda

    The Red Clay Face Mask smells amazing and makes my skin feel super soft. I love it!!

  28. Amanda

    Super soft and is perfect for applying the face masks.

  29. Amanda

    I love that the Face Wash is very gentle on my skin. It leaves my skin already moisturized after I use it. And the smell is also amazing.

  30. Yasmin

    Smooth and lovely daily cleanser! Instantly became part of my everyday routine!

  31. Yasmin

    Lovely natural cream, which absorbs quickly and is neither too thick nor too thin!

  32. sara portugal

    Really good products !impressed !thank you

  33. Fonseca Fernanda

    I have very sensitive skin and have rosacea as well. The Mist Toner was great for calming the redness and also for improving the texture of my skin. I highly recommend it!

  34. Fernanda

    My skin loved the Oil Serum! Since I have rosacea, I need to keep my skin moisturized at all times and the product helped a lot to maintain hydration, without leaving an oily texture, and it also left my skin looking healthier! I highly recommend it! I applied it to my hair a few times before I went to sleep and the next day my hair woke up much more hydrated!

  35. Camille B.

    This oil serum has become my daily skin care. It hydrates without making skin oily. I am still completely satisfied with this product.

  36. Lidia Poppe

    Sensacional! Primeiro produto que consigo indicar sem receita médica, com ótimo espectro de ação, para acne, melasma e prevenção do fotoenvelhecimento sem ter a fotossensibilidade – pode ser inclusive usado na gravidez e por peles de fototipo alto! 5 estrelas! Aprovadissimo!✨

  37. Cecilia Leitao

    The highlight of this Bio-Retinol is the texture and smell. Love it! Use it every night and highly recommend. Soft and smooth texture, easy to apply on the skin. Really great and fresh smell and high quality of natural ingredients.

  38. Daiane Zauner

    Eu não canso de falar que amei o retinol, bem como todos os produtos da Bacana.
    Não somente pelo efeito deles, mas, quando a gente passa na pele, é uma sensação tão gostosa, e fica um cheirinho tão bom e suave. Uma experiência muito boa! Eu amei, de verdade!!! ♥️♥️♥️

  39. Manoella Barbosa

    I am very happy with this product!

  40. Rosana Mannsperger

    Está e’ a segunda vez que compro o Bio retinol. De Textura leve,mas que deixa a pele super macia, hidratada e com uma sensação de um Skin care perfeito. Parabéns pela idealização do produto. Continuarei sendo cliente. Tenho 57 anos e gosto de cuidar da minha pele.

  41. Isabela

    I just can say that Bio-Retinol is incredible!!!! The best product ever for my Melasma I tried in the last years!

    Just try and feel!

  42. Fernanda Boog

    Sehr gutes Produkt, der Geruch ist ein bisschen zu stark

  43. Aline A.

    Produto indicado pela melhor dermatologista da Alemanha e super bem aprovado! Produtos de super qualidade!!!

  44. Eliete N.

    Maravilhoso! Pele macia e sensação de frescor. Super recomendo

  45. Anonymous

    My skin looks better after using the product

  46. Ivy Zanardo Siegrist

    I use everyday! Love it! Now everyone in my family also use it.

  47. Ivy Zanardo Siegrist

    I felt the red mask is better for my skin. I have the feeling that with the green one it becomes a little more oily after use.

  48. Ivy Zanardo Siegrist

    So far I like it, really hydrates my skin. Would be nice to have something like this to hair.

  49. Ivy Zanardo Siegrist

    Is really good but also makes my skin a little bit oily.

  50. Karla

    It was really good for my skin. It does not leave the skin oily.

  51. Karla

    Amazing product with fresh sensation! I would definitely recommend it.

  52. Karla

    It takes the skin’s oil. Love it!

  53. Josiane

    Percebi que meu melasma clareou rapidamente. Gostei bastante.

  54. Rosana Fernandes

    Lobe The texture, fragrance

  55. Rosana Fernandes

    Nice product like a summer breeze

  56. Camille BONNAL

    Nice texture. This cream turns your skin fresh. Its perfume is just well balanced – not too strong – just enough to smell a delicate odour when applying the product. As my skin is very thirsty, I need to combine this cream with an oil serum (this is for my case only).

  57. Camille BONNAL

    I am still totally satisfied with this product. Would it be possible to deliver this serum in a larger flask?

  58. Mari

    Usei algumas vezes e já posso dizer que estou apaixonada! Outros seruns que já testei sempre deixam minha pele oleosa, comecei a acreditar que esse tipo de tratamento não era pra minha pele (mista). Uma amiga indicou a Bacana Skincare e resolvi testar o Tropical Shine, o sérum é leve e super sequinho, nada pegajoso, deixa aquela sensação de pele aveludada e macia que a gente ama. Também usei como primer e minha make ficou intacta a noite toda! Ótimo produto, super recomendo.

  59. Rosana Mannsperger

    Sensação de pele aveludada . E um cheirinho maravilhoso

  60. Rosana Mannsperger

    Sensação de hidratação e proteção

  61. Josaine Fátima Nascimento

    I‘m really satisfied with your products and will also recommend them!

  62. Josaine Fátima Nascimento

    I‘m really satisfied with your products and will also recommend them!

  63. Valeria

    Simplesmente incrível! Minha pele é outra desde que comecei a usar a usar na minha rotina de cuidados com a pele os produtos da Bacana, não vivo mais sem, já tô adquirindo mais produtos, pois a qualidade é algo que eu nunca tinha visto antes.

  64. DEBORA C.

    I LOVE the products of Bacana. Started with the coconut water mist and later started to use the cleanser and the bio-retinol that are also AMAZING! I am always looking for natural organic skincare products and it feels great to know that all products from Bacana are 100% natural.

  65. Tanja

    I really love that serum, it let my skin glow and it feels super smooth. I mix it with rose water before I apply it

  66. Fernanda Boog

    Eu adoro os produtos. Uso todos os dias. As texturas são maravilhosas. O cheirinho do face wash me transporta pro Brasil. Uso, recomendo e presenteio

  67. Evelise D.

    O Bio-Retinol me surpreendeu demais. A textura da pele está mais lisa e agradável, senti também uma melhora na acne. Com certeza vou recomprar o produto quando o meu atual acabar.

  68. Evelise D.

    Deixa a pele fresquinha e tem um cheiro muito bom.

  69. Evelise D.

    A argila verde da Bacana tem ajudado a controlar a oleosidade da pele e diminuir as espinhas.

  70. Juliana

    I have been using the product for one month and I have already seen improvements on my skin. It seems clearer and more moist without being oily. The bottle could be better though. Applicator is a bit wobbly which makes it more likely to spill. Smaller version, which I also bought, is also very hard to open and close as the product is oil based. That is the reason for only 4 stars.
    Overall I would buy again and continue using it.

  71. Maria Luiza Oliveira

    Amazing! Tenho muita dificuldade em encontrar produtos que se adaptem ao meu rosto, pois tenho pele sensível e oleosa. O bio-retinol consegue trazer hidratação com uma textura leve, e ainda diminuir as acnes e as manchas indesejadas.

  72. Brunna

    I absolutely love the products. The toner is amazing to hidrate the skin, I use it everyday after showing in the morning and before going to sleep. The water in Berlin (where I live) makes the skin super dry and this toner has been a life saver. The bio retinol is also amazing! It doesn’t leave the skin oily, hidrates, gives a nice appearance / color to the skin and it has a very pleasant smell. Totally recommended!

  73. Brunna

    I love it! The smell is very pleasant, the texture is great and unlike other facial soaps it doesn’t dry out your skin. Instead, it hidrates while cleaning it. I use it everyday and totally recommend it!

  74. Monica L.

    The products are great, i can see my skin much softer and clear. My skin is oily and i didn’t work well with the face cream and oil. so, i’m using it only for my night skin care and i’m loving it. Highly recommend.

  75. Patricia Lummer

    Os produtos da Bacana são ótimos para quem tem a pele sensível. Já comprando a segunda remessa . 🍃💚

  76. DEBORA C.

    The texture and the softness of the cleanser are absolutely amazing!

  77. DEBORA C.

    I am a huge fan of the coconut water mist. Having a sensitive skin the mist helps to calm my skin, it does an amazing job!

  78. Anonymous

    It`s the second time I buy and I love it! Perfect oil even for the T-area.

  79. Anonymous

    I was hoping for even better results, but maybe I have to use it for longer to be able to see what it can do.

  80. Anonymous

    Love how it leaves my skin fresh and moisturised without clogging the pores.

  81. Anonymous

    I like this even more than the green clay. Perfect texture, love the smell and how my skin feels afterwards.

  82. Flávia Cristina Pinati Gatti

    Gosto da sensação de hidratação que ele deixa nos lábios. Sempre uso antes do batom.

  83. Flávia Cristina Pinati Gatti

    Não altera a oliosidade da minha pele. Demorei muito para encontrar um produto que eu pudesse usar todos os dias.

  84. Flávia Cristina Pinati Gatti

    Sensação de refrescancia.

  85. Rute Daniela V.

    Adoro a textura e o cheiro bastante agradável. Até agora a pele parece estar a adorar

  86. Rute Daniela V.

    Ajuda mesmo a reduzir o aspecto das manchas.

  87. Rute Daniela V.

    Cheiro muito agradável e a pele fica limpa.

  88. Domithilla

    This product is perfect! It is the second time I buy it and it is helping me a lot, mainly with the dark spots!!

  89. Domithilla

    I just loved it! It makes my skin really smooth 🙂

  90. Lizandra W.

    Excelente kit anti-acne! Em poucos dias já senti a diferença na pele. E as manchas vermelhas que possuo no rosto vem desaparecendo gradativamente. Super recomendo!

  91. Clarissa B.

    The products arrived in a very good condition and I loved the little kindness touch of having a handwritten thank you message. I also liked the fact that there is no unnecessary packaging. I just started using the products and I’m already noticing a difference on my skin texture.

  92. Clarissa B.

    I used it two times and I loved it!

  93. Ivy S.

    Super good product and size is perfect to travel

  94. Ivy S.

    Good as always, using for 1,5 year now!

  95. Erika

    The product is amazing. It is a kind of oil but doesn’t leave the face oily. The only thing which disturbed me was the smell, but is possible to by fragrance free. 🙂

  96. Erika

    Perfect oil of curly girls and warm beach days.

  97. Maria Francisca Bernarde Grayer

    Sehr gutes Produkt

  98. Patricia S.

    I simply loved this product! Already feel a difference in my skin

  99. Patricia S.

    Good product, need more time to judge it but so far it’s good

  100. Patricia S.

    Recebi o produto bem protegido e com uma mensagem carinhosa escrita a mao, demonstrando total preocupacao com a experiencia do cliente.
    A compra pelo site foi tranquila e fácil.
    Apenas uma sugestao para que se possivel no proprio site no momento da compra apareca a previsao de entrega do produto, pois nao consegui visualizar. Recebi emails com o rastreio. mas nao uma previsoa final de quando receberia o produto.
    Parabens pelo excelente trabalho e carinho com os clientes.

  101. Anonymous

    My skin has never been this perfect! In love with this set!

  102. Gabriele

    Estou usando a mais ou menos dois meses, e minha pele esta sempre hidratada. E diminuiu muito as crises de rosacea com a mudança de temperatura. Indico muito.

  103. Luana

    I loved it! My skin is very sensitive, so it’s hard to find a mask that doesn’t irritate. I used it once and my skin is already less oily. Approved!

  104. Barbara Azevedo

    I just loved this product! I have very sensitive skin and usually any product with any type of acid or alcohol makes my skin red and itchy, but the bio-retinol oil from Bacana is just perfect, from the first use I felt my skin healthier and brighter. I am anxious to see the long run benefits.

    Eu simplesmente amei esse produto! Tenho a pele muito sensível e geralmente qualquer produto com qualquer tipo de ácido ou álcool deixa minha pele vermelha e com coceira, mas o óleo de bio-retinol da Bacana é simplesmente perfeito, desde o primeiro uso senti minha pele mais saudável e brilhante. Estou ansiosa para ver os benefícios a longo prazo.

  105. Lizandra Wiehe

    Fiquei realmente satisfeita com o kit! Os produtos são excelentes para o cuidado diário do rosto. Ideal para viagens!

  106. Lizandra Wiehe

    Primeira vez que usei shampoo e condicionador em barra. O resultado é realmente surpreendente!

  107. Flávia Cristina Pinati Gatti

    Muito prático para viajar e economiza muito espaço na mala.

  108. Flávia Cristina Pinati Gatti

    Adorei minha primeira experiência com eles.

  109. Gabriele

    Alem de ter um aroma maravilhoso, ao lavar a noite, no outro dia não dá a sensação de pele ressecada. Superou a expectativa.

  110. Carolina W.

    Best cream ever! My skin has never been this perfect!!

  111. Carolina W.

    The cream does its job perfectly! The skin feels so clean and the cream smells so good!

  112. Ana Ludmila

    Adorei usar este sabonete facial. Ele cumpre exatamente o que promete: limpa, removendo a oleosidade, mantendo a hidratação da pele. Recomendo demais!

  113. Christine Mira

    Cheveux doux et hydratés ! Le parfum des produits j’adore!

  114. Christine Mira

    Peau plus lisse et pores resserrés

  115. Lizandra

    Como sempre o kit não deixou a desejar! Todos os produtos são excelentes e auxiliam bastante no tratamento da pele oleosa e acneica. O sabonete tem um cheirinho especial! Só tenho a recomendar!

  116. Lizandra

    Tratamento especial para o cabelo!

  117. Fernanda Boog

    Adoro. O melhor peeling ever. Gost da textura e de não ser não fininho como os outros

  118. Fernanda Boog

    Limpa demais e o cheirinho otimo

  119. Fernanda Boog

    Ótimo pra diminuir os poros

  120. Caroline A.

    The product gives my skin a really nice glow. It feels soft even after a few uses. I personally did not like the fragrance, but nothing that bothers me that much and makes me not use the product, since it is not that strong. I am happy that there is an option with no fragrance, which I will be purchasing after the bottle I have is finished!

  121. Isabela Bastos Binotti Abreu de Araujo

    Ainda na primeira semana de uso, mas está sendo agradável. Tem um cheirinho leve e gostoso, sem causar incômodos nem alergias. Por ser um óleo, ainda que também um sérum, tem uma textura mais pegajosa; porém, nada pesado. Depois de um tempo é absorvido e fica uma textura macia na pele. Por enquanto, tenho tido boas experiências e aguardo um pequeno clareamento de um melasma que possuo…

  122. Isabela Bastos Binotti Abreu de Araujo

    Bem hidratante e textura agradável! Apesar de não ser para os olhos, uso na olheira que tem ficado mais visível com um pequeno recém-nascido. Tem ajudado bastante no ressecamento da área 🙂

  123. Anonymous

    A Máscara facial é bem leve e fácil de aplicar. Após a aplicação senti minha pele mais macia e relaxada. Recomendo.

  124. Winfried Nolte

    Sehr schnelle Lieferung. Meine Frau liebt die Produkte. Sehr zu empfehlen.

  125. Ana Cavalcanti

    Eu sinto a pele muito hidratada depois de usar, super recomendo

  126. Ana Cavalcanti

    Amo a sensação que fica depois de usar essa máscara!

  127. Lizandra

    Excelente máscara que auxilia no controle da oleosidade. Super recomendo!

  128. Lizandra

    Comprei esse kit depois de ter provado o kit viagem. Sensacional! Sabonete e creme facial com toque suave e cheiroso!

  129. Erica Fernanda B.

    Das ist ein sehr sehr gutes Produkt. Ich bin total begeistert von der Qualität des Produktes und wie mein Gesicht, nach zwei Wochen Nutzung, sanft und mit viel weniger Pickelmale geworden ist.

  130. Erica Fernanda B.

    Damit habe ich so gut wie nie rissige Lippen. Ich liebe es

  131. Sabrina Maria Coelho de Britto Noel

    Simplesmente maravilhoso, após a quimioterapia minha pele estava manchada e ressecada, esse produto está clareando as manchas progressivamente!! Super recomendo

  132. Debora Camargo

    Após experimentar tantas marcas de shampoo em barra na Europa e não acertar com o meu tipo de cabelo, me apaixonei pelo da Bacana e não parei mais de usar!

  133. Debora Camargo

    Após experimentar tantas marcas de shampoo em barra na Europa e não acertar com o meu tipo de cabelo, me apaixonei pelo da Bacana e não parei mais de usar!

  134. Debora Camargo

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    *Très facile d’application, il mousse rapidement ce qui permet une bonne répartition sur toute la chevelure,
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    Ich habe sonst im Herbst und Winter immer sehr trockene Haut. Seitdem ich das Bio-Retinol jeden Abend benutze, ist meine Haut viel weicher und überhaupt nicht mehr trocken. Ich bin begeistert!!

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