Our Civil Commitment

Bacana has an essential mission: to help preserve our beloved Amazon Rainforest. In our fight against climate change, we are committed to taking concrete action and supporting those who are the true guardians of the Amazon. That’s why we allocate 2% of our revenues to Camino Verde, a non-governmental organization dedicated to restoring the rainforest and improving the lives of Amazonian communities.

Camino Verde’s results are truly remarkable and inspiring: they have already planted over 200,000 trees of more than 400 different species. Each year, they produce 50,000 seedlings, representing more than 100 native species. More than just an environmental effort, this project directly involves 106 families from 5 native communities. To date, they have reforested 118 hectares and have a direct impact on an area of 305 hectares.

We invite you to join us in this unstoppable movement to regenerate the Amazon Rainforest and take care of our precious nature. Every purchase of a Bacana product not only helps to improve your skin, but also contributes to the vitality and sustainability of the Amazon, our shared natural treasure.