Self-esteem is also a sign of mental health!

How are you feeling about yourself? How is your mental health?

Self-esteem is also a sign of mental health!

Mental health is reflected from the inside out and directly impacts self-esteem. Just look at
the number of patients with depression, for example, who say they neglect bathing, hair care
and hygiene in general. That’s why we believe that beauty and self-esteem are also part of
maintaining good mental health.

Self-esteem is a feeling that is built little by little, within details. It is a treat you give yourself
when you taste your favorite ice cream. It lives in a long bath by candlelight. Self-esteem is
also in choosing the clothes you wear every day. Self-esteem is a feeling we cultivate and
choose to give ourselves every day.

Always be your first option. Look in the mirror and be proud of the “Bacana” woman you are.
We all have bad days, but there’s always a better tomorrow and that’s what we need to look

And here’s the message: don’t be ashamed or afraid to seek for help if you need it.
Psychologists and psychiatrists are there for that, to provide the necessary support so that
we can do better. It is not synonymous with weakness to ask for help; on the opposite…you
have to be very strong and courageous to look inside.

It’s an agreement between us: self-esteem and mental health up to date, right?
See you next week,

Fernanda L.

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