Our Formulas

Fresh products

We produce our products in small quantities, ensuring that they reach you still fresh, while retaining all the benefits of natural ingredients.

From creation to production, we make all of Bacana’s products. By being fully involved at every stage of the process, we guarantee a high standard of quality.

Vegan, natural and effective formulas

We prioritize transparency in our formulas, avoiding unnecessary ingredients. Our products contain significant doses of cosmetic actives and are completely free of animal ingredients. We base our approach on science to create high-performance products.

All our formulas are developed based on research into the scientific efficacy of different natural active ingredients and their combinations. Various experiments are carried out until we arrive at the perfect result in terms of texture, fragrance, stability and efficacy.

Dermatologically tested formulas

All products are dermatologically tested.

Safe formulas

We don’t use endocrine disruptors, irritants, allergens or ingredients that are harmful to health in our formulas. In addition, all formulas are free of silicones, PEG or mineral oils, which have an environmentally harmful manufacturing process.

Dermatologically Tested

All our products undergo dermatological tests in specialized laboratory, without the use of animals.


Each cosmetic protects and beautifies your skin and hair in a non-toxic and healthy way, using 100% natural active ingredients.

Respect for Nature

Part of the profits from our products go to a non-profit organization that helps to restore the Amazon rainforest and combat climate change.