Why should your skin care include superfruits?

Why should your skincare include Superfruits?

Superfruits have various important and beneficial components for maintaining the health and balance of the body. Therefore, alongside the usage of their derivatives in our beauty routine – such as oils, extracts and butters – it is also strongly advised to consume these superfruits in our day to day diet and life.

Food has a vital impact on our skin. The combination of a balanced diet and skincare suitable for each type of skin will boost the result in search of the perfect skin. What we eat everyday is closely related to the health of our skin, so it is important to ingest the beneficial nutrients found in superfruits to keep a healthy dermis.

What is the difference with regular fruits?

The term superfruits has become popular in recent years. It is used to describe fruits which have high concentration of vitamins and antioxidants, thus are valuable to heal the skin.

Combinations of superfruits can be used both internally and externally of our body to provide an ideal nutritional aid to the skin. There are many plants that are considered superfruits, such as avocado, acerola, açaí, cupuaçú, goji berry, orange and pomegranate.

The micronutrients found in them have shown to be important allies in maintaining the integrity and repair capacity of the dermis. Amongst them, we can highlight vitamins A, C, D and E, polyphenols and carotenoids, which are components that contribute positively in the inflammatory, antioxidant and healing response. Use of Food Supplements as Nutricosmetics in Health and Fitness Carotenoids are responsible for the orange to yellow coloring and anthocyanins for the red to blue coloring of food.

Vitamin C acts as a collagen stimulant that helps to promote greater elasticity and resistance of the skin. It also works to prevent body flaccidity and the appearance of expression lines, as well as it has a relevant antioxidant effect.

Superfruits that boost beauty

We will talk a little about some superfruits, their main components and their cosmetic applications. They work from the inside to promote beauty from within.

Tropical fruit rich in anthocyanins, carotenoids and vitamin C, the latter mainly responsible for the antioxidant function attributed to it. Acerola also has vitamin A, necessary for the renewal of body cells. Its minerals are calcium, iron and phosphorus. Mostly used in cosmetics that are particularly relevant to formulas focused on aged and damaged skin by time and external factors, such as pollution.

Acai (or Açaí)
Superfruit from the Amazon which is widely used as a daily food by traditional communities because of its very energetic power and source of nutrients. It has a high concentration of anthocyanins which gives it a high antioxidant capacity and is therefore a desirable ingredient for many cosmetic formulations aimed at treating premature aging. It also contains the minerals and trace elements such as potassium, calcium and magnesium.

Cupuacu (or Cupuaçú)
Another tropical superfruit from the Amazon that is very tasty and consumed by the local population in the fresh form of ice cream, chocolates, jams and vitamins. It is composed of minerals, mainly potassium, fatty acids and vitamin C.
The very moisturizing Cupuacu butter is obtained from it, which is used for dry skin.

Pomegranate (or Romã)
It is a fruit from the Middle East traditionally consumed in the form of teas, juices and fresh, as a regular fruit. In these cultures, since ancient times, it is seen as a symbol of beauty and fertility. Rich in polyphenols, such as anthocyanins, vitamin C and minerals, it has a proven anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and regenerative effect. These phytochemicals help to eliminate free radicals, responsible for accelerating skin aging. Ideal for mature skin.

Which superfruits can we find in Bacana products?

In our Red Clay Face Mask we can find the pomegranate seed extract that will help remove toxins from the skin, leaving it smoother, regenerated and illuminated.

In the Acai & Cupuacu Lip Balm we have the combination of cupuacu butter and acai. Together, they will provide a treatment enriched in hydration, regeneration and healing of the lips as it will also work to restore the natural appearance of healthy lips.

Blooming Nature Cream has acerola in its formula, which will contribute to the effective antioxidant action needed to combat premature aging and photoaging.


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