Maskne: How the Face Mask Can Affect Your Skin


What do you know about Maskne? In view of the current Covid-19 pandemic scenario, the use of masks has been essential to prevent the spread of the disease. The new normal requires discipline to use it on our day to day routine and often for extended periods, of this indispensable accessory.

The mask is one of the most effective ways to prevent contagion when we need to leave the house, and one of the greatest allies to keep us all safe and healthy. Using it is not just an option, it is a necessity. On the other hand, despite the benefit in terms of protection, the mask can also cause some inconveniences on your skin.


Skin contact with face mask can cause acne

Its prolonged use has been causing a type of Acne Mechanica (pimples), popularized under the name of Maskne. Unlike other types of acne, it affects only areas where the mask is in contact with the skin.

Maskne is a condition that occurs when sweat, sebum and bacteria normally found in the microbiota (Cutibacterium acnes species), accumulate between the skin and the mask, which can stimulate the growth of acne on your face.

When we speak and breathe through the mask, the heat emitted is also concentrated in this region, promoting the moist and a warm environment, which is ideal for the development of acne.

In conjunction with these factors, constant friction can cause irritation and damage to the skin’s protective barrier, further enabling the appearance of acne-shaped lesions.


Daily Care to prevent the development of Maskne

The proper use of masks is very important. Chose whenever possible, those made of cotton fabrics and cleaning it correctly after each use with neutral soap and without fragrance. It is also important to remember that you should change it every 2 hours. This small attitude helps to control possible infections.


Use of makeup can intensify the condition

During the period you are wearing a mask, avoid applying makeup to the area, unless it is strictly necessary. The constant use of makeup, simultaneously with the face mask, can clog pores and prevent the skin from breathing.


Use of sunscreen never gets old

The use of sunscreen on the skin remains essential, but it is recommended to give preference to those that do not contain colour in the formula.

Another valuable tip is to wash your face more often, using specific soaps or cleansing gels to regulate oiliness and then moisturize with products for sensitive skin, which have active ingredients that will help fight acne symptoms.


What products to use to prevent Maskne

Choosing natural products with effective ingredients is the best option for keeping your skin healthy. Bisabolol (essential oil proven to be effective against inflammation), acts as an anti-irritant and soothing agent for your skin.

The use of products that do not clog the pores and consequently do not contribute to the growth of blackhead, the so called non-comedogenic ingredients, also help forming a protective film on the skin.

It is worth also mentioning the rosehip oil, a well-known anti-inflammatory and antioxidant natural ingredient, which plays an important role in wound healing.

Washing, toning, moisturizing and photoprotection is an essential skincare routine that must be intensified due to the continuous usage of face masks. Using the right products can make all the difference in the results you will have.


Benefits of using Bacana Skincare

The Tropical Shine Oil Serum from the Bacana line, has bisabolol in its formula and also a blend of non-comedogenic oils, including rosehip oil.

Applying a layer of moisturizing serum already works perfectly as a skin barrier against the irritation and friction that wearing a mask can cause.

Keeping your skin hydrated is crucial and prevents dryness, an aggravating factor in the appearance of Maskne. One of the secrets to keep the skin smooth, with a natural shine and highly hydrated is the use of hyaluronic acid, a natural humectant that will act in the intercellular filling, guaranteeing a more uniform texture for the skin.

Our Blooming Nature Cream is a light and smooth face cream that will not leave the oily and stickiness feeling on your skin, these are important features to be observed when choosing a product. Our cream has in its ingredients the hyaluronic acid, which can be used daily as a vital ally for maintaining the skin hydration.

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